Absurdity of the Day: Adam Frank’s ‘Welcome to the Age of Denial’

The University of Rochester’s Adam Frank does a slash-and-burn job on climate skeptics in today’s New York Times.

Not only does Frank liken skeptics to anti-vaccine advocates, but he claims that 63% of the public believed in global warming in 1989!

Read Frank’s screed.

5 thoughts on “Absurdity of the Day: Adam Frank’s ‘Welcome to the Age of Denial’”

  1. Jim Hansen became a renown “climate scientist” by studying outer space, especially Venus. Astronomers have morphed into climate study because that’s where the money was hiding. All it took was a good scare story to unleash those millions and a good toss out the window of one’s integrity.

  2. What?? Did the warmists invade? I ran across that article earlier today and it is in fact absurd and obnoxious to the point of making one’s head spin. And your “accredited professor” – wow, accredited! – is a physicist and astronomer. Astronomy… climate science… Hmm. Something funny here. Sheesh.

  3. Hey there. To be fair to the author, the claim made about “believing” in Global Warming was linked from another source, which was written by Clint Dabot and based on Gallup Poll statistics – which fyi stipulated that 63% of Americans were “Worried” about climate change, you can be uncertain about whether or not it exists and still worry about it.

    Furthermore, the piece itself isn’t just about “climate skeptics” it’s about the general advancement of being skeptical about scientific results on any number of topics, he just happened to provide examples that fit his constructed hypothesis.

    I get it and all, but I think it’s kind of funny that you would link your blog to an opinion piece by an accredited professor and scientist which is more or less the counter argument to your blog and writings.

  4. I googled Reed’s “screed,” which brought me to this site for the first time. Actually what Reed said was not that in 1989 63% of “the public” believed in “global warming,” but that 63% of Americans believed that “climate change” was a problem.

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