Sea-level rise data based on shoddy science

There is much concern over rising sea levels and disappearing coastline. Yet how are such changes really measured?

“The message is clear. When it comes to sea level, any reliance on the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report is misplaced.” [Washington Times]

One thought on “Sea-level rise data based on shoddy science”

  1. So. I live in the Puget Sound Area. I work right on a bay. The dock that sits below us yesterday almost came off the pilings. King Tide. This combined with a stormy night to maximize the water in Sound. Normally a high tide is 4ft lower than it was yesterday. Normally is the thing though. A neap tide can go as low as -4 ft. Yesterdays high tide was > 16 ft. This is the sound, so the tides here are more pronounced than if you were living directly on the ocean.

    Anyone in the sound who will be affected by the sea level rises predicted by the “experts”, should have been affected yesterday.

    The beauty of being FUD Providers is that you don’t have to spin that positively, you turn it to your advantage and say “See, sea level rise will be a problem!” instead of “See, sea level is either already a problem or it isn’t”

    How is that office on Manhattan, Dr. Hansen.

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