Maryland Governor memorializes climate alarmism

New state government buildings in Maryland will be memorials to global warming alarmism.

“Gov. Martin O’Malley signed an executive order Friday to increase Maryland’s long-term resiliency to storm-related flooding and sea level rise.
The Climate Change and Coast Smart Construction Executive Order directs all new and reconstructed state structures, including other infrastructure improvements, be planned and constructed to avoid or minimize future flood damage. It requires new and rebuilt state structures to be elevated two or more feet above the 100-year base flood level.” [Easton Star-Democrat]

2 thoughts on “Maryland Governor memorializes climate alarmism”

  1. I’ve got no problem with this on the face of it, except for the governor calling his order “Smart.”

    He isn’t trying to redefine the 100-year line.

    There was a big stink in NC earlier this year when the legislature passed a bill requiring the use of measured sea level/rise for changes to the 100-year line, rather than the projections of climate change activists.

    BUT . . .

    “The order also tasks the Scientific and Technical Working Group of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change to provide updated sea level rise projections for Maryland.”

    . . . Maryland may be on its way to the same absurdity.

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