Ideologic child abuse at anti-coal export protest in Seattle

“Children like me have things taken away by global warming…”

“A massive turnout of red-shirted, sign-waving opponents to locating coal ports on Northwest shores, fed by long coal trains, found its voices Thursday in a 12-year-old Seattle schoolgirl, the manager of a 123-year-old Montana ranch and venerable demonstrators from the Raging Grannies.” [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

2 thoughts on “Ideologic child abuse at anti-coal export protest in Seattle”

  1. One anticipatedeffect of this coal train, that is of concern, stems from the Transfer Pacific Partners trade agreement,besides setting up localities as non governable corporate, international zones that can Sue for anticipated losses,is the plan to put 100,000,000 vehicles,and major power plants supplied energy by coal,up stream of the United States of America.You think the trees are suffering from acid rain now,well these are the good old days.This reality is part of the movement that ends badly.AVVAVKUM faced the end of his world in 1666,as a great turning point was implemented.

  2. No, the environmentalists are the ones stealing your future. They want you to be a serf while the idle away the days up in their mansion on the hill.

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