GE CEO: Chinese communism 'works'

Apparently still longing for cap-and-trade, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt tells Charlie Rose, “… The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit -– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.” [Weekly Standard]

15 thoughts on “GE CEO: Chinese communism 'works'”

  1. It does no good for the EPA to be killing the coal industry in the US when the rest of the world it’s burn baby burn ! Our energy needs require all of these: wind-solar-hydro-nuclear-Therma and COAL !
    I dont’ know what the answer is to meet a goal of clean energy..but if the rest of the world is not interested…It will never happen. We are all eventually DOOMED!

  2. Oddly enough, Communism did not seem to be working in China before the annexation of Hong Kong and the importation of Capitalism.
    Capitalism is thriving in China, and carrying it into the 21st Century, mainly because the ‘Socialists’ in the Chinese heirarchy have not yet figured out how to kill it with their personal power grabs.

  3. Let GE relocate their companies to China and your see what really works…Nothing !
    The US gives GE Million in tax credits, they set here in the US sucking up the taxpayers funds, then run to China and make an offer of “Show me the Money”. It’s not all about money, but by the time GE figures that out……China will own them lock-stock and Barrel. Then GE will come back wanting a hand out, again it’s all about MONEY !!

  4. I guess the postion of GE’s CEO is enough to make me spend my dollar elsewhere. What a moron. My wife is Chinese and I have yet hear her say anything positive about the Chinese government. Maybe he should spend a week working for Foxconn putting electronic products together.

  5. pcampbell writes “china must convert to god?” “p”, you`re joshing, right. Why would they want to go from one form of totalitarianism to another?

  6. Let me put it this way. Mao got angry when his brother was hung by a war lord. Hitler got angry when the allies screwed the German people. Mao turned out to be a tyrant. That is the history of dictatorships. So whose fault is it? Maybe religion has something to offer – if people can understand the Scriptures from on high. Note – I said “Scriptures” – plural – and “understand”. From my aeroplane it is very clear.

  7. china must convert to god ?….christianity is growing daily through the the children of china now awakening from there ignorance , as the hand of god now coming apon our godless world , especialy china and russia were the consecration to the immaculate heart of mary will awaken the planet earth , and the third secret of fatima message in truth ? will be revealed ….praise the lord

  8. Their government works? Did I hear that correctly? This is a country that has 1/4 of the world’s population and most of them are living in an area the size of everything east of the Mississippi River and is largely occupied by ethnic Han who have questioned the legitimacy of their government because of the massive corruption among public officials; corruption so bad that there are fears that it may destabilize the government.

    The rest of China is either very mountainous or very dry, and occupied by minority groups that don’t’ like the Han, and consider the government illegitimate for other reasons. Because of their population and abortion policies there is a disparity between the male/female population and millions of young men are left without hope of finding a wife. They are building cities all over China and other parts of the world that are not occupied, and there is no vision for them to ever become occupied. And this is what works?

    That statement that communism may not be our cup of tea, but it works for the Chinese reminds me of what Ex-POW GI’s said after being released at the end of the Korean War. They did a lot of debriefing of those men because they wanted to find out why it took so many fewer guards to guard them than it did GI’s during WWII. They were constantly bombarded with psychological warfare practices that had them convinced that communism may not be for America but it was wonderful for the Koran’s and Chinese.

    At least it can be understood how that happened when you understand exactly what they went through, but for a man in his position to say such foolishness is amazing. It reminds me of Lincoln Steffens who went to Stalin’s Soviet Union in the 1919 and came back saying the he had just “seen the future and it works”? He soured on communism by 1931 but by then that “future that worked” murdered millions through starvation due the incompetence, corruption and the inherent evil of communism and its leaders with their brutal implementation of their famous and disastrous “five year plans”. And now we have the boss of a major American corporation spouting the same nonsense.

    It really must be true that ideology makes smart people dumb.

  9. A statement that is as incoherent as it is ridiculous

    What about their government works better than ours?
    Does he think there is no poverty, hunger, or pollution in China?
    Does he think their citizens have better health care than in the U.S.?

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