9 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff Vote: Good-bye GOP?”

  1. Boehner has been suffering delusions of adequacy all these months while he has been negotiation with himself. Obama was never part of any negotiations; just twisting Boehner’s tail and sending him back to give up one more issue.
    In less than 2 days Boehner will anoint himself king of the house and he will have his minions of useful idiots supporting him because they want to keep their committee assignments. If the two houses of congress aren’t run like a union shop I don’t know what else to call it.

  2. The whole situation was manufactured because BOTH sides saw it as a way to continue to consolidate their own slice of the power pie. If EITHER side had seen it differently, there would have been no “stand-off” in the first place.

  3. Republicans ‘taking the fall’ on the fiscal cliff was Obama’s intention from the very beginning. The Republicans should have seen that. At least one did. They’re as guilty of being stupid as anything else.

    They should’ve said, “This isn’t about fiscal responsibility. Obama is not demanding more revenue, he’s pointedly asking for a tax-the-rich scheme, with no cuts. We won’t play that game, let the damned Senate come up with something for once.”

    Idiots all.

  4. You mean “Good-bye socialist-friendly present leadership?” We wish.

    The Rockefeller/Romney/McCain wing is still entrenched. They have indescribable amounts of money, with which they can buy the support of the fence-sitters and punish dissenters within the upper ranks of the party (i.e., current and former members of Congress, state legislators, governors, judges, state committees, national consultants, pollsters & commentators.) We conservatives have the truth and the facts on our side. If that meant something to the average Republican voter these days, then you’d have a point. But frankly, they are getting dumber just like the Democrats. Is the new political normal, “Money talks, (mere) truth walks?”

    In this rotten time, whoever can manage to give to most Republican voters what they think they want, while better deflecting the attempts of the other side to lay blame on them, will have control. Life isn’t always fun.

    Rather than pipe dreams that one out of two enemy forces will simply self-destruct, what is needed is a better strategy for fighting on two fronts at once. Sorry I don’t have the answer. But I can say that it starts with admitting the true gravity of the situation.


  5. I’m sitting here at the bottom of the cliff, looking up. Nothing seems broken.

    Nothing seems changed, either. A trillion dollar deficit, and they’re bickering over 60 billion.

    Boehner has turned out to be as big a twit as Pelosi.

  6. I said from beginning it was time for a third party – but oh no people said it would just help Obama win – that argument turned out to be a red herring didn’t it? America needed a change in government that neither of the two mainline parties are willing to provide.

  7. it appears that the Repubs are accepting tax increases with NO spending cuts. rumors are floating also on the net that they will cave on gun control. if so, f**k the GOP. the party deserves to die. no more ballots, time for bullets.

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