3 thoughts on “Eastern Europe is in the grip of the big freeze: hundreds of deaths and heavy snowfall”

  1. If intellectual honesty were on the menu, then yes, it might be newsworthy, since to this point ‘EVERYONE KNOWS the Earth is warmer than it’s ever been.’

    But as we all should understand by now, record warm spells are “evidence” of AGCC, while record cold spells are (pick your preference):
    A: one-time events which mean nothing in the longer term,*
    B: further “evidence” of AGCC, as more energy in the climate system “obviously” means more severe winter weather as well as summer, or
    C: proof-positive that GAIA has had enough, and is trying to restore the cosmic balance by killing as many human beings in the opposite direction of their various infernal devestations as She can.

    * (Why yes, Option A IS an answer that equally de-bunks heat waves, droughts, etc., as evidence of global warming, or should anyway. But as I keep trying to tell people, Intellectual honesty is not on the menu, and has not been since at least the Sixties.)

    This is not an argument that can be won with reason, logic, or science, as the other side is neither reasonable nor logical, and cares about science only when it furthers their agenda. Someday, we’ll figure that out….

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