Done deal: Washington, D.C. to complete warmest year on record in 2012

Time to make DC a carbon-free zone.

“2012 was a year of crazy weather in Washington, D.C. from the nearly snowless winter to the summer’s scorching heat and high energy derecho to Superstorm Sandy. But the year will have an asterisk next to it for achieving perhaps the most remarkable milestone: warmest on record. The record will be broken by a landslide. With only a few days left in the year, D.C. should finish 1.3 degrees F warmer than the previous warmest year on record, 1991. D.C.’s weather records date back to 1871.” [Washington Post]

11 thoughts on “Done deal: Washington, D.C. to complete warmest year on record in 2012”

  1. I remember summer nights in Richmond, Va, around 1973 and 1974 that were hot beyond belief, so I have to agree with you, Beale.

  2. I’ve lived in the Washington area for close to forty years. I couldn’t say, offhand, which was the hottest year in that time, but it was not 2012.

  3. Perhaps, the perfect climate occurred during the Medieval Warm Period when temperatures were warmer than they are today. If that is so, do we need to emit more carbon dioxide?

    By the way, how did the temperatures get so warm 1,000 years ago when there were very few SUVs spewing carbon dioxide?

  4. pauljoneshogan: You have hit on a question that should be asked but never is. If the global warming crowd is going to take us back to the perfect climate/temperature, what is it? How do you keep it there?

  5. Actually, it would be wise to remember, that certain Universities, such as East Anglia, in the UK have been caught ‘modifying’ historical climate data to make current temperatures appear warmer. Of course no USA University would dream of such blatant doctoring of data – would they?

  6. What about before 1871, did time not exist before that date? Please give a date when the climate or weather has never varied, when was this perfect climate, weather period? Please tell us, don’t keep it a secret.

  7. The dung beetles, who reside in the presidents podium to consume his every word, are causing massive emissions of heat as they digest Obama’s output. He is the only human on earth who doesn’t exhale carbon dioxide. He exhales … well it normally comes out of the other end as a solid.

  8. Too bad this isn’t global warming. England is experiencing one of the coldest winters on record and reckon there will be 37,600 cold related deaths this year. Little central heating, you know.

    Ross, Chicago

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