CFACT: Environmentalist power trips harm poor countries

“The real danger is treaties, laws, regulations and taxes imposed in the name of preventing global-warming catastrophes that exist only in computer models, horror movies and environmentalist press releases. These political schemes will exacerbate and perpetuate poverty, disease, unemployment and economic stagnation. That is neither just nor sustainable.” [Washington Times]

2 thoughts on “CFACT: Environmentalist power trips harm poor countries”

  1. Climate Change is a fear based meme designed to frighten the masses into accepting ever more government control. It has nothing to do with science. Note that the meme continues on, without serious challenge, even though the “proof” of global warming has been thoroughly criticized and extensively debunked.

    The key issue that ought to raise alarm bells when various “environmental protection” ideas are raised is that the solution almost always involves achieving “political justice.” (Simply a code-word for statist control of everyone’s behavior.)

  2. The clearest expression of the environmental mindset came from a retired Government worker that was considered a sage in our town. He lived in a modest log home. He was an outspoken supporter of the Sierra Club’s war on our local sawmill that was one of the leading employers and taxpayers in the comunity. When the local paper asked him why he was so opposed to the sawmill he replied:

    “When I am sight seeing in the mountains I do not like to see log trucks or meet them on the road, I hate them!”

    When they mentioned that the sawmill provided necessary jobs for many families and asked if he was concerned that they might lose their jobs, he replied:

    “Well, quite frankly I’ve got mine! And I don’t give a damn whether anyone else has a job or a house to live in!”

    It was quoted in the paper.

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