After 17 years, greens stop blocking 1-mile bike trail in Australia

Only one, not three trees will be cut down.

“THE Darebin Creek bike track is at last to be linked to the main Yarra Bike Trail. It has taken 17 years for this 1.8-kilometre stretch of track to gain planning approval and the money to build it. Once it is complete the residents of the northern suburbs drained by the Darebin Creek will have access to the main Yarra bike track and hence to the whole bike network.

“I don’t know how the advocates of this plan have kept their patience while they jumped through all the planning hoops. I took up the cause briefly and read all the planning documents. I was ready to give up when I read that the scheme was a threat to the environment because three trees were to be cut down on the Yarra bank to make way for a bike bridge.” [The Age]

One thought on “After 17 years, greens stop blocking 1-mile bike trail in Australia”

  1. In general, this rant is funny and mostly true, at least until you get to the part where he’s on about global warming.

    So that tree should really be sacrificed so the bike path can save us all from a global phenomenon of dubious provenance?

    Nope, the author is as deranged as his country’s laws.

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