Kiss of Death: Republican RINOs endorsed by Center for American Progress

Thank you, Politico.

In an article about Republicans for Environmental Protection changing its name to ConservAmerica, Politico reports:

“Under either name … they face a fundamental challenge that the pro conservation party of Roosevelt, Nixon, Schwarzenegger and McCain has become the climate science denial party of Romney, Santorum and Limbaugh,” said Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy for the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

“Changing its name is unlikely to alter the Republican party culture where denial of climate science has become another litmus test,” Weiss added.

This year’s Republican presidential field has been marked by an all-but-uniform resistance to efforts to combat climate change, and a rightward shift by candidates like Romney and Newt Gingrich from their past positions.

Weiss praised [David] Jenkins’s group as “a forceful advocate for public health and environmental protection policies within an increasingly pro Big Oil party.” He advised it to focus its efforts on younger Republicans and GOP-leaning voters

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