Michaels: Can Republicans Play the Green Card?

Pat Michaels writes at Forbes:

Recent elections—including last month’s tectonic shift in Australia—unequivocally show that aggressive global warming policies are political suicide. But, will a Republican ticket headed by Mitt Romney be able to capitalize on the Administration’s fatal weakness?…

One thought on “Michaels: Can Republicans Play the Green Card?”

  1. Mitt agrees with the Administration in every detail that matters. The difference is who to sacrifice to whom, how fast, how much, and for what excuse but it is sacrifice 24/7 no matter what. It will be the same as all “main stream Republicans” have done for the past 100 years. Only the unacceptable, to the political elite, nut cases advocated liberty as a political goal. With Mitt et.al., we will end up at the same point, totally enslaved, but just not quite as fast.

    It would really be refreshing to have a candidate seriously and consistently advocating individual rights on rational principle rather than mumbled lip service and reference to “tradition”. As it is, we only have a choice of paths to or ultimate destruction. Welcome to the brave new world.

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