Dawes: Conservatives and Science

Ted Dawes on whether conservatives are losing faith in science.

Theodore Dawes writes at American Thinker:

A new study just released by a sociologist at the University of North Carolina provides two pieces of interesting information. The study finds that conservatives, particularly college-educated conservatives, are losing confidence in the scientific community.

The study also provides an unexpected and surely unplanned bonus: it serves as a perfect example of the intellectual dishonesty that has led educated conservatives to lose their faith in the scientific community…

5 thoughts on “Dawes: Conservatives and Science”

  1. Dave, I mostly share your opinion and probably didn’t make myself clear. I’m a medical researcher / scientist – a product of higher education. I’m a staunch conservative and given my vantage point, I’ve come to trust scientists far less when they’re grubbing for federal grants. I’m fully aware that the grant money comes with edicts of what is expected to be reported if they expect the money to keep rolling in. Fortunately, I work for a large clinic with a non-government funded research arm and I can report what we find without fear of loosing research money. For several decades now, I’ve followed the anthropogenic global warming narrative and frankly have a very low opinion of the likes of Hansen, Trenberth, Mann, Schmidt, Jones, et al. There are some of us who made it through the academic system and retained the ability to think independently. But I agree there are fewer these days. I would trust Ben, the engineer in the previous comment, to be objective long before the cast of characters aforementioned.

  2. Dave, there is a cure. We are called engineers. We keep the world turning while the idiots in their ivory towers try to crash it down.

  3. Hank- The people who are higher educated have had more time to have their natural instincts sucked out of their brains by the socialist crap that is pushed into their exceedingly receptive minds. The longer they stay in the education system the more they are compromised. All text books and all positions laid out by the system are absolute garbage. Peer review is useless as the “Peers” all are tarred with the same brush. The learners don’t get thier diploma unless they sing the song of their superiors. Free thinking is dead.

  4. It comes as no surprise that highly educated conservatives are more able to apply critical thinking and sort out reasonable information from handwaving and unsubstantiated alarmism.

    So if we combine this study with Dr. Kari Norgaard’s assertion that people who don’t trust the science of global warming need to be “treated,” then the conclusion we’re left with is people with higher education are, on large, mentally ill. I feel sad for Dr. Norgaard as this study reveals how foolish she is.

  5. The world recovered from “the earth is flat” and “earth is the center of the universe” consensuses.

    It will recover from the Anthropogenic Global Warming and DDT Kills Eagles consensus in time.

    I pray that that time is soon.


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