How one man got away with mass fraud by saying ‘trust me, it’s science’

“When news broke this year that Diederik Stapel, a prominent Dutch social psychologist, was faking his results on dozens of experiments, the fallout was swift, brutal and global.”

Joseph Brean writes at the National Post:

… One of the great unanswered questions about the Stapel affair, however, is how he got away with such blatant number-fudging, especially in a discipline that claims to be chock full of intellectual safe-guards, from peer review to replication by competitive colleagues. How can proper science go so wrong?

The answer, according to a growing number of statistical skeptics, is that without release of raw data and methodology, this kind of research amounts to little more than “‘trust me’ science,” in which intentional fraud and unintentional bias remain hidden behind the numbers. Only the illusion of significance remains…

Read Brean’s article.

2 thoughts on “How one man got away with mass fraud by saying ‘trust me, it’s science’”

  1. Global warmers all claim that you cannot trust your experiences, data or facts, “You can only trust OUR computer models.” (Garbage in, garbage out!)

  2. Was it not doctor Spock, who after having earned many tens of millions of dollars from his books and lectures about how to bring up your children, admitted when he retired, that he had helped “to create a race of little monsters”? Those millions of parents, who had believed his theories and then “reaped” those spoilt brats, should have started a class-action against him. And so should all those millions of families, who lost their babies and small children from malaria, because the U.S. EPA had banned D.D.T. in 1972 on totally false pretentions, that this substance causes cancer in humans. Even the W,H.O. admits, that they deem D.D.T. a “probable” cause of cancer in humans, while there has never been one proof of the false claims! Sofar some 58 million people have died from malaria in the 3rd World Countries, while D.D.T. had saved approx. 1/2 a billion lives since its invention in 1942!
    The W.H.O. now (belatedly) allow some controlled spraying of dwellings in some countries and try to combat malaria by issuing mosquito-nets, but these half-hearted attempts do not work, plus the replacement insecticides, like Endosulfan, are not only more toxic, but too expensive for those countries, while D.D.T. was very cheap to produce and could even be eaten, as some U.S. chemists will prove it to any one. During and after World War 2, many millions of Allied troops in the field of action, were treated bodily 2 times a week, to rid the troops of hair- and body-lice that cause typhoid and all tents and buildings were sprayed 2 times a year. When we were liberated in 1945 (I from the Japanese in the previous Dutch East Indies and my wife from the Germans in Holland) we underwent the same treatments and this continued until the early 1950’s. Our parents died from natural causes and old age and not from cancer caused by D.D.T. Thus, genocide by stealth and lies does not rank high enough to be treated like genocide by the use of weapons and no court seems to be interested to punish the perpetrators! Why not, while the end-result is still the same: people have died by the many millions and are still dying? What has happened to honesty and “open government” now?
    It seems, that your president Obama is hell-bent to stand by the EPA no matter how many more lies
    Ms. Lisa Jackson is using to destroy not only the U.S. economy, but the rest of the Western World.

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