PETA seeks roadside memorials for meat that didn’t make it

“Slippery when slathered in A-1”?

The Associated Press reports:

An animal rights group wants Illinois to install highway signs in memory of cattle that died when trucks hauling them flipped in two separate wrecks.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to buy the markers, one in suburban Chicago and one northwest of Peoria. PETA’s request to the Illinois Department of Transportation says the signs would pay tribute to the more than 20 head of cattle killed as a result of negligent driving in Illinois this year.

Ashley Byrne of PETA says the effort is part of a national campaign to call attention to how cattle suffer in the meat industry.

IDOT spokesman Josh Kauffman says the request likely will be denied. Rules require that only relatives who lost loved ones in highway crashes may request roadside memorials.

5 thoughts on “PETA seeks roadside memorials for meat that didn’t make it”

  1. Smooth move. Cause mental anguish for those who lost loved ones on car accidents.

    Between this and the whale slavery thing, PETA will be making friends left and right.

  2. Surely PETA can come up with some relatives of the departed loved ones. A cow whisperer can do the translation to English. I myself will say a prayer, and cross myself while passing any such memorial.

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