2 thoughts on “Video: Gingrich dumps climate chapter in new book”

  1. Gingritch would dump his grandmother if he could have a better chance at becoming president of these wonderfilled states of America. He is more devil infused than most anyone who ever tried to lead. Any English speaking nation. His belief in anything, good or bad is meaningless and adds nothing whatsoever to the debate about the true nature of the greatest catastostophy in all of human history. Anyone who thinks that the geometric growth of humanity could have no influence on the environment is intenially brain dead. That Gingritch rejeck it now is proof of the existance of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. The only people that really will gain from this game are those who enslave this planet Unmitigated greed is the devil’s cancer. JESUS SAYS IT’S SO. IF THEY WOULD WHAT RIGHT FOR ALL OF HUMANITY, THEY WOULD HAVE EVEN MORE WEALTH BECAUSE, WITH MORE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS, THEY WOULD BE BUYING MORE FROM THE RICH…. ;”?

  2. These are some of the concerns I have with some like Gingrich or Romney. The eastern establishment seems to have a different view of resource development and stewardship than the western part of ‘flyover country’. We need to be devolving natural resource and wildlife management functions to each state. All ’57’ states have very capable organizations to handle their own state’s management functions without the federal overreach. Romney and Gingrich seem to be slippery on these issues. I believe one of Romney’s main enviro advisors is currently working for the EPA and advised him on the alarmist side of AGW. Correst me if I am wrong. Gingrich still has that AGW ball and chain from his past comments and PR with Pelosi. I have not read or heard of any definitive movement on natural resource use from either of them. Again correct me commenters if I am incorrect. Natural resources begin the manufacturing process. I thought we needed to keep advancing our primacy in manufacturing to supply ‘good paying jobs’ as the politicians say. It starts with our natural resource base. Happy New Year…

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