JunkScience.com fixes Huntsman on EPA?

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman declared in tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa that “the EPA’s regulatory reign of terror” must be brought to an end. He made that point in those words twice. Continue reading JunkScience.com fixes Huntsman on EPA?

Latest EV scam: Solar-power Ford Focus

The good news for Ford Focus buyers is that they’ll soon be able to save a lot of money on gas with a rooftop solar power option. The bad news is that the $18,000 option will more than double the price of the $16,500 car — although taxpayers will pick up $10,000 of that cost. Read Wall Street Journal coverage.

No where else to go: Climate alarmism finally moving to fiction section

“Novelists from Margaret Atwood to David Mitchell are hoping to bring the dangers posed by climate change to life, through a new collection of short stories tackling the climate crisis,” reports The Guardian.

More Polar bear-gate: Wife was peer reviewer

From Human Events:

In particular, investigators are asking questions about the peer review work on Monnett’s drowned polar bear paper, which was done by his wife, Lisa Rotterman, as well as Andrew Derocher, the lead researcher on the Canadian study under review by the inspector general’s office…

With investigators suggesting his research is collapsing, Monnett was defensive in the interview, and asked for the inspectors’ credentials to question his work or second-guess his calculations.

For example, there was some confusion as to whether it was three or four dead bears used in the calculation to determine the ratio of survival, and whether Monnett assumed that four swimming bears seen the week earlier were the same polar bears recorded as dead in the next survey. The statistic in question was the percentage of bears likely to survive when swimming in a storm—Monnett estimated it to be around 25%, whereas investigators put the number at more than 57%.

Is there a potential we made a mistake, and the peer reviewers didn’t catch it? Possibly,” Gleason said.

So what part of climate alarmism isn’t scam-like?

Dutch treat: Tax by the mile driven

As spotlighted in Steve Milloy’s book “Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them” (Regnery 2009), the Netherlands is proposing a tax to charge drivers a usage fee for the miles they drive, factoring in the cost to society in the form of pollution, traffic congestion and wear and tear on roads. Read the New York Times report.