3 thoughts on “No where else to go: Climate alarmism finally moving to fiction section”

  1. Somebody’s already ‘been there, done that’. From “The Sign” by Raymond Khoury, 2009, pg 77 ( http://books.google.com/books?id=iQqN_Fwj5XgC&pg=PA77 ):

    “….Her investigative claws sharpened when she looked into the Global Climate Coalition, the Information Council of the Environment, and the Greening Earth Society—all of them cleverly misnamed, created and funded by the automotive, petroleum, and coal industries with the sole purpose of deceiving the public by spreading disinformation and callously repositioning global warming as theory rather than fact. It didn’t take long for her to become more and more convinced that the planet was indeed in trouble because of us….”

    Oh, Lord Almighty. Words of fiction supposedly based on fact that actually has every appearance itself of being fiction – no ‘investigative claws’ ever seem to have been sharpened around that “reposition global warming” phrase, it instead looks like it was part of a three-point mantra consolidated by the very same person the above fictional character was based on, along with a few of his closer friends back in 1996. I believe the “reposition global warming” phrase may be largely responsible for keeping this whole issue alive for over a decade, but now has the distinct possibility of sending the whole thing into total collapse – see “The End is Near for Faith in AGW” http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/06/25/the-end-is-near-for-faith-in-agw/

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