Latest EV scam: Solar-power Ford Focus

The good news for Ford Focus buyers is that they’ll soon be able to save a lot of money on gas with a rooftop solar power option. The bad news is that the $18,000 option will more than double the price of the $16,500 car — although taxpayers will pick up $10,000 of that cost. Read Wall Street Journal coverage.

4 thoughts on “Latest EV scam: Solar-power Ford Focus”

  1. “rooftop solar power option”?!
    I’d love to see how THAT weathers a good western hailstorm – golf-ball sized hail for about 10 minutes.
    In some states insurance cost a lot more if you don’t park your car in a garage or carport, ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

  2. Once again some cretin in Congress or the White House has their hand in my wallet to give money to some BS I don’t want and wouldn’t take as a git. This Ford Eff-Up will be just as successful as the Chevy (re)Volt(ing). In the mean time millions will get flushed down the rathole.

  3. Well the taxpayer better start paying a tax credit for the “electric” cars. If we don’t pay the tax credit then why would people buy this vehicles?

    They will not pay road taxes, no gas purchased, but the cars will use more electricity from the grid so when all the coal fired plants shut down because of new regulations for cleaner smokestack emissions we can all pay more or the energy to wash clothes, make pancakes, take a shower and son-of-a-gun, pay more to charge your car.

    The cost savings will be out of sight, or off the chart. You get em guys. Everyone has thought all this through and you know what the unintended consequences will be because many papers have been published on the subject. Thank you. Dennis

  4. We already have wind powered vehicles. You will find them eastbound on I-90 in Montana. They stop on top of the continental divide, open the trunk and the wind will take them to Glendive. 😉

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