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EPA fumbles around and then Punts

Charles Battig MD follows up on a little problem–the dog ate the EPA research.

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EPA Misconduct and Unethical Human Experiments

More on our efforts to expose human experimentation that makes no sense if the EPA is telling the truth about air pollution.

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More Baise on Water

More on the proposed changes in the Clean Water Act from my friend and our ally Gary Baise.

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Clean Water Act, navigable waters

From the Great Lakes to every puddle is what the EPA wants to regulate.

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Good Intentions trump good results

That’s what I am told when failures of grand plans fail.

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XL was always dead–Community Agitator in Charge

The XL pipeline gets too much response.

Alinsky said rub a sore.

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EPA Miscreants Beale and Brenner

The Minority Staffers on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee issued a report on the Beal/Brenner/EPA Scandal.

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EPA grants for life cycle analysis

EPA awards over $9,000,000 for chemical life cycle analysis.  Hasn’t this already been done?  Continue reading

NCPA Provides Promo on Getting Exposed

I like this, EPA experimenters are looking for subjects.

Mr. Big Bob Splains Superfund CERCLA

I taught enviro law many years ago–

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Superfund CERCLA is a mess

EPA can’t manage the Superfund programs very well.
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EPA Cheating on Epidemiology–Class in Session

I am like a broken record, but its an important tune.

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Milloy slams Grasshopper, Common Rule is Inadequate to stop Guinea Pig studies.

In the recent past, I have waxed eloquent on why there is no way that the EPA can expose people to toxic, lethal or carcinogenic air pollution.

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Thomas Lifson Comments on Human Experiments

If you want to see a long string of essays by Milloy and Dunn about EPA Misconduct, check out the American Thinker website

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Excellent report on the Human Experiments Scandal at EPA

This was one of the most comprehensive and well done reports on the EPA misconduct by Matt Vadum.

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Kemper Ewectwicity by Tweety Bird

A typical coal plant is 1000 MW and used to cost 1 billion to build. This Mississippi disaster is now breaking a record for stupid.

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Daily Caller on Human Experiments with Air Pollutants

Journalists don’t get it because they don’t do research.

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EPA, Medical Schools complicit in Unethical and Immoral/Illegal Human Experiments

Let’s see if we can summarize the human experiments scandal.

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When Agencies Run Amok–IRS, EPA

Cheating and lying and intimidating and corrupting.

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EPA wins another one against Farmers

Under the Clean Water Act, runoff will be more regulated.

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