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$300 Billion saved?

The EPA claims consumers saved $300 billion with Energy Star over 22 years.  Average monthly electricity bills have increased.  Continue reading

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Charles Battig MD hits a home run

During world series time our thoughts turn to the diamond. Battig is an anesthesiologist, engineer former aerospace medicine expert.

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Sure it works if high prices mean you use less.

Forbes on why the California energy model doesn’t work for California  and are not a model for the rest of us.  Continue reading

More discusion on John Beale, CIA operative

So Beale was like many gov employees, a no show, and bilked the EPA out of 900,000. BBBBUUUUTTTT, there’s more.

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A chance to stop the EPA at the state level?

Well i certainly hope so.

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Paul Driessen writes

I never add much to Paul Driessen’s well thought out essays.

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MINI change? YMMV

There is a big splash that the BMW MINI Cooper fuel economy labels require changing based on an EPA audit.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Continue reading