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Another great paul Driessen referral–Ron Arnold

Arnold teamed with Driessen to write a wonderful book titled Cracking Green. The chapter on financing of the Green Movement was stunning in its detail and listing of foundations and advocacy groups with big budgets and assets.

We at JS have listed them too, but the Driessen/Arnold list was longer and more maddening than ours.

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EPA causes more harm than good–not new

Here we go.

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Potholes are important to tyrants

The EPA wants to control standing water after a rain event–and why not–hell they think they should control your menu.

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The EPA appears to have broken the law when it preemptively vetoed the Pebble Mine Project. Wall Street Journal’s latest article, “EPA’s Pebble Blame Game,” reveals more of the scandal: Continue reading

EPA goes after another land grab, using Water

These tyrants never sleep. Now the waters of the United States would include all surface waters of any significance, navagible or not. Land grabs, power grabs.

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The danger of international trade agreements by leftists

The speech by Senator Sessions is the subject of this essay, however I want to remind you that international trade agreements have clauses in them that create legal obligations not anticipated by the citizenry of America.

For example many agreements allow for regulatory obligations that are not subject to review and approval by our Congress.

As Lawrence Kogan has said here and elsewhere, international trade agreements circumvent the sovereign authority of the USA on things like using the precautionary principle (a junk science concept born of fanatic nannyism) in regulatory affairs. That happens with a stroke of a pen, new legal obligations secreted in the text of the trade agreement.

Globalist super nationalist world government nonsense rides in in the dark of night on the black horse of trade agreements.

See Kogan’s discussions:

Here’s his warning about EU and internationalist precautionary principle nonsense buried quietly in trade agreements:

Here’s the JS archive that includes his discussions on some domestic matters related to reining in federal agencies with the Information Quality Act:

Unreleased Energy Dept report shows Obama CO2 rules will raise electricity prices — contradicting EPA claims

EPA claims its CO2 rules will reduce electricity prices 8% by 2030. In an unreleased report, the Department of Energy begs to differ. Continue reading