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It’s about something

Ms. McCarthy is now saying that the Clean Power Plan is not about climate. Continue reading

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Cross state air pollution or wood stoves?

Parts of Shoshone County, Idaho, is designated non-attainment for PM2.5.   Maybe just an example of particulate rules being set much too low. Continue reading

I think sustainability should be eliminated from the lexicon

Paul Driessen explains why it is such a junky concept as used by the watermelons.

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Trying to kill coal people or make them wish they were dead

Paul Driessen explains.

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Cross-state idiocy

The EPA says Texas is responsible for SO2 pollution in one city in Illinois. Continue reading

Charles Battig on the Enviro invasion of Virginia and money games

Charles Battig responsds to the news report on greeen influence in Albamarle Co VA.

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CERCLA, a damn disaster

Here is the typical mumbojumbo that asserts that the CERCLA Superfund is just fine, we just need to accept it’s wonderfulness.

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Sue and settle

Bad for the environment and bad for the regulatory process. Continue reading

100 year cleanup?

It’s not too late to comment on the Tittabawassee River (Michigan) clean up plan that has been going on since the 1980’s and is likely to go on through a good part of this century.  Continue reading

No shield on permit applications

If the EPA fails to issue a PSD permit in the statutorily required time and the regulations change before the permit is issued the permittee is required to meet the new regulations.  The EPA is not penalized for failing to meet deadlines like the folks they regulate. Continue reading

Teach climate change in schools?

McCarthy says it should be done.  James Delingpole agrees but has a slightly different curriculum. Continue reading

Jay Lehr puts up a plan to take down the EPA

Jay Lehr received the first PhD in hydrology from Princeton a long time ago at a very young age.

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The GAO’s review of EPA’s Regulatory Impact Analyses (RIA) of seven major environmental regulations shows lack of consistency, lack of transparency and problems with assessing economic data. Continue reading

Stop the war on coal–not a bad idea

Here’s a point.

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Listen to what HL Mencken said about the rule of practical politics

The goal is to make the populace anxious so they will be clamorous to be led to safety…

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Texas considering a rebellion–nice

Bryan Shaw says he might consider telling EPA to consider going to hell on electricity plant regs?

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Gordon Fulks corrected

Some screw up in the post, but here’s the more accurate Fulks piece.

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From the What Else is New Department

How the EPA ignores the public and science. Continue reading

Physicist Gordon Fulks on why the coal miners need to reorganize

In response to Tom Harris, a strong advocate for common sense on climate issues, who rejects warmer crazies, here’s Gordon Folks, PhD Physics of Oregon.

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Sue and settle?

Two environmental groups have sued the EPA for not promulgating greenhouse gas rules to aviation.  Continue reading