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Charles Battig and “good enough for government work,” which is 38% right in climate pronoucements

So the NOAA NASA goofs now say–well 38% likely that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880.

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EPA banned experiments on children —but not until after it sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of 10-year olds

But the agency still defends the tests as necessary for public policy — yet another illegal rationale. Continue reading

The EPA gets to operate on different rules

More on the Camp Minden artillery powder disposal.  The EPA seems to be feeling and responding to some public heat.  Continue reading

Precautionary principle, real problem or economics?

The EPA has announced an initiative to reduce copper in brake pads, citing the aquatic toxicity of copper.  Is there any data supporting copper from brake pads resulting in aquatic toxicity?  If it is, it’s difficult to find.  Continue reading

EPA warns of school bus diesel exhaust but administers diesel exhaust to kids? Whaaaat?

This is too much. You can’t make this up, however I will thank the Milloy for finding this EPA Warning.
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From the archives–Dunn and Milloy on junk EPA research and researcher whores, 2012

Well we found out from EPA officials when we were litigating the question of unethical human exposure experiments in a Virginia Federal Court 2 years ago, that 10 US medical schools were doing human exposure experiments with air pollutants.

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Daily Caller report

Here’s another news item on the latest human experiment scandal.

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