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The Carbon Liar’s Club

By Seldon B. Graham, Jr.

The Democratic Party is a “Carbon Liar’s Club” supporting the man-made global warming hoax. It has been that way since President Obama came to office. Continue reading

An ozone dog bites man story

Would you be surprised if the top California air official didn’t back the new ozone NAAQS?  Continue reading

EPA lies on premature deaths

Here’s a fine discussion by Charlse Battig MS MD, on the issue of EPA junk science epidemiology that claims to show hundreds of thousands of death annually from air pollution–absolute Bullshit. His focus for this piece was the EPA’s ozone claiims, but the argumetnts presented are true for the small particle claims.

The EPA uses a tortured and false concept when it says “premature deaths” because in their methodology they aren’t necessarily premature at all.

We have been banging away on the EPA epidemiological lies now for many years.

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Revisiting the lies of a guy named Gelbspan. I only wish i could get some of that evil conservative money for opposing the crazy warmers

Ross Gelbspan claimed he had proof of a conservative capitalist conspiracy to fund opposition to the enviro warmer wackos. He wrote a bullshit book and makes claims about the pay for play conspiracy. His fabrications and lies are the basis for the assertions of lefty enviro politicians, media, pseudo scientists and enviro activists.

Compared to the lefty green movement, the opposition on my side gets little help from industry and business, who are afraid of the media enviro army.

I am still waiting for my first dime from the supposedly conspiratorial evil princes of the Koch empire or even better just a few bucks from Exxon Mobil, annual revenues 3 or 4 hundred billion. They could afford me, I am low maintenance and smoke cheap cigars.

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Marita on the enviro VW debacle

So originally I thought the VW trick was to avoid the small particle emissions standards, but no–it’s the Nitrous Oxide standards.

Nitrous Oxide is an ozone precursor–it is not toxic and studies have never shown a death or disease effect, but Ozone was a targeted air pollutant because it contributed to scary smog.

I can assure you smog, ambient, even terrible smog of the old historic smog of LA never killed anyone.

Ozone offended people and was a great hook for the enviros.

Marita’s essay for this week, from AmSpec.
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More on biofuels and why they make no sense

The NCPA provides more info on why the biofuels and ethanol programs make no sense.

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God 1 red popey 0 in the contest on understanding creation

So the arrogant commie says we have slapped nature in the face, talking like a pantheistic deep ecoologist.

I would demur red popey.

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