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Steve Goreham on the insanity of EPA air regs–based on bad epidemiology

Steve Goreham is a wonderful and effective writer, a great ally in this battle and friend.

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ATTENTION, Phillip Hamburger says I am wrong about Michigan v EPA–Chevron may be in danger

We complain here at JS that judicial deference to agency interpretive discretion under the jurisprudence of Chevron v Natural Resources Defense Council (1984) gives agencies waaaaaayyyy too much power, actually making them a legislative player.

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Michigan v EPA discussed

This writer doesn’t realize how this is a little hiccup, the SCOTUS is a lapdog for the administrative welfare state–these judges believe that they should be a part of an oligarchy–improsing their “expert” preferences, just like the EPA.

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Morano strikes back on EPA’s latest agit prop nonsense

Here’s a note and link to you tube video. Morano keeps me posted on his efforts.

I am indebted to him for his energy and eloquence.

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Marita on the Scotus slap down of EPA

I have mixed feelings about this, since I dont’ trust the SCOTUS AT ALL, not even Scalia.

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More on the SCOTUS put down of EPA

I am not happy because the SCOTUS is still reluctant to question the EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology claims.

They are still ignoring the EPA sponsorship of human exposure research that involves exposures that the EPA says are lethal, toxic and cause cancer.

What can you say when a Federal agency promoted unethical and illegal research?

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Another review of Michigan v. EPA

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