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Norm Rogers discusses the Clean Energy Summit nonsense

I continue to be astounded at the inanities of the lefty enviros, the mystical thinking.

Norm catalogues their craziness.
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Federal Court halts the waters of the US scam by EPA

The EPA proposed to modify the Clean Water Act and redefine Waters of the US (WOTUS). 13 States sued to stop it. Judge puts a hold on.

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Kuznet’s curve–why we would probably have done well without the EPA

I have two reasons for asserting that the EPA was another bad Nixon initiative–what a statist he was a true RINO.

one is that environmental quality was improving before and without the EPA and would have continued with local and in place authorities and just plain nuisance and pubic health authority based on real health threats.

two–the EPA because the institution that had to create a boogie man and so it created air pollution research that falsely claimed human harm from ambient levels–distorting toxicology and epidemiology beyond recognition and certainly in violation of basic science.

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Tim Ball and the warmer Cabal –that rhymes, glory be I am a poet

Tim Ball is a prolific and effective writer for our side on the warming issue.
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Clean Power Plan will hurt the poor says Gina the ninny

Oh gee Gina, isn’t the democrat party the one that cares about the poor–and then flies off in a private jet?

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Steve Goreham exposes Google and Apple for enviro twaddle and bull____ projects

These people are apparently idiot savants–they can do computer but they can’t do much else sensibly, like evaluate evidence in energy, physics, economics and science, particularly climate science. How can they ignore the IPCC Modeling failures–it’s not exactly a secret.

Science tells us that Carbon Dioxide is good, most of it is produced naturally, we can’t effect the temp of the earth with a puny little project–and yet.

And yet, the enviros, Google, and Apple are committed to a big demonstration of liberal (leftist) Bullshit.
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John Beale, scammer in the air division of the EPA, gets 32 months in prison.

Well this news comes in kinda slow, but the wheels of justice. . .

I have a theory about John Beale, whom Gina McCarthy described very favorably in a memo to EPA staff in the past.

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