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Physicist John Droz works hard and produces good work for our side

John is an East Coast physicist and he and I became friends at Heartland meetings, he is an energetic physicist and advocate for sensible energy.

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Paul Driessen takes up enviro Sugar Daddy issue

We have posted here information on enviro funding, and how wealthy the greens are.

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Joe Bast responds to a hypocrite from PaloAlto CA on warming

So the original essay by a Stanford snot accused conservatives of being immoral and not caring about people.

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Less than informative toxic release inventory reporting

Today’s report in Richmond Times-Dispatch on the 2013 Virginia TRI emissions was an interesting piece in uninformative writing. Continue reading

Corrupt peer review makes the news

Thomas Lifson on a new scandal in science publishing.

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ACSH comments on Driessen’s DDT essay

We at JunkScience emphatically agree–DDT is a life saver. Ruckleshaus and the enviros are killers. Children are particularly at risk from malaria and malarial death is horrific.

Shame on these pathetic fanatics.

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New fracking rules and regs discussed by Folks

If it moves, regulate it, if it stops moving, subsidize it.

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