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Another CO2 causes asthma

The incoming president of Physicians for Social Responsibility thinks so. Continue reading

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Coal gets a sucker punch

Bankruptcies are up, say the shark tank tenders.
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Doin’ some Trey Gowdy roughhouse on EPA junk science

Everyone, including my lawyer friends, admires the examinations of hostile witnesses by Congressman Trey Gowdy. The man is a master of cadence and emphasis and strategy in the art of colloquy.

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Regulatory overreach?

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers thinks so. Continue reading

More discussion of the Pebble Mine affair

My brother in law Fred got this fine summary of the issues and forwarded it to me.

I agree with the writer.

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Lisa Jackson spoliates? Shocking

The EPA is under the gun from Landmark Legal Foundatiion (Mark Levin’s outfit) for refusal to properly respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

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Pushing a rock up hill on the climate

Sadar discusses why the line between ideology and science has become blurred–it has to do with the social educational canons and attitudes as well as the very influential economic/financial/career pressures for professionals and academics in enviro or climate studies.

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Your government at work

EPA Water tweeted it was a C-list celebrity in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. Continue reading

Pebble mine

EPA misconduct?  A good case can be made that the EPA’s actions look that way.  Continue reading

Remember all the anxiety about the BP Horizon spill and how it was killing marine life.

Here comes Paul Driessen with some things to think about on the Gulf and biofuels, which are stupid/inefficient/and decrease food production.

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YMMNV (Your mileage may (not) vary)

The EPA appears to believe the MPG on the window shouldn’t vary as much from actual and plans to fix it.  Continue reading

EPA guarantee on insect repellent?

Do you need help determining which bugs an insect repellent is repels? Continue reading

NYS’s (version of EPA): let’s shut down Indian Point… raise CO2, raise electric rates…

NYS wants to shut down Indian Point. Today’s excuse: for the fish.

Indian Point is a complex of two nuclear power plants about 25 miles north of NYC. It supplies roughly one quarter of the baseload power to that area.
NYS Governor Cuomo is on very solid record as wanting to shut it down.
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Brown outs for the smart set in New England–too bad

The elites in CA and New England get what they deserve, brownouts and higher costs, that hurt the economy and the poor.

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Fraud in renewable energy? Say not.

EPA adopts a voluntary quality assurance program to address past issues with Renewable Identification Numbers for compliance with the Renewable Fuels Standard. Continue reading

Misconduct by EPA on the Pebble Mine

You may recall that recently it was revealed that cheating on the impact study was part of the game EPA played, and the “researcher” is not available and some of his paperwork and research is not longer accessible.

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What’s it like without electricity, daddy?

Damn the green crazies–they want a primitive world.

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CO2 causes asthma

The EPA is selling it’s “carbon reduction” plan as an asthma and allergy reduction plan. Continue reading

Duke’s Dan River spill cleaned up?

The EPA has suspended the Dan River clean up from the Duke power station ash spill. Continue reading

Suppose they make the replacements?

DuPont backs proposed HFC reduction. Continue reading