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Heeeeere’s Marita

Our regular essay from the great sensible energy advocate from New Mexico–Marita Noon.

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Be careful what you ask for

The chemical industry is lobbying for federal rather than state-by-state regulations of chemicals.  Continue reading

Notice who isn’t included in this discussion

Interest groups fighting over the Renewable Fuels Standard.  The only interest group not in the discussion is the one that ends up paying for it.  Continue reading

Marita Noon makes good sense on energy

On the other hand Hillary hasn’t had a good idea for a long time. Did you know Hillary got fired as staff attorney of the Watergate Committee, and she couldn’t pass the DC Bar?

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NRDC gets special consideration from EPA–shocking

Come on, these people are in a revolving door arrangement. They do every thing, including, I am sure–sleeping together.

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A stunning report from GOP Senate EPW minority? You bet

Some good people took the time to make this report a really helpful discussion of the idiocy of the climate fanatics and the constitutional ignorance of EPA, all the way up to their top execs.

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Futile gesture on the CWA clarification?

The House will vote on a bill to prevent rewriting CWA rules without congressional approval.  It will probably pass and die in the Senate. Continue reading