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Tim Ball discusses the EPA legal assertion that warming was unproven

They get to play with words and concepts because judges are putty in their hands and lawyers for the opposition are feckless and ignorant, intimidated by the “experts” whoring for the enviros and the agency.

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Tyrant in chief has a new a more aggressive enviro/climate plan

Of course his most aggressive underlings wrote up the details and the public relations lies, but he want it–it means more power for government mandarins and less liberty for citizens–that’s what he likes.

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Another Commentary on the EPA redifinition of WOTUS

In yet another display of the Obama Executive Branch assuming Legislative Branch functions, his Environmental Protection Agency has rewritten federal laws on “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS). EPA erased the word “navigable” from the statute and usurped longstanding states’ rights by including local seasonal streams, farm irrigation ponds, roadside ditches, and even “connective” dry lands placed under authority of the Clean Water Act. Continue reading

Obama — the Nation’s Great Destroyer

According to Murray Energy CEO, Robert Murray, Obama is on a “bizarre, personal and political” quest to destroy the coal industry, as well as the entire country. Continue reading

Pat Michaels lights up the Senate ENR Committee hearing.

Clean power plan is the target–and the claims of the the EPA.

Dispelling the EPA’s deadly air pollution myth

My commentary in today’s Washington Times. Continue reading

Gina doesn’t have to put up the science and couldn’t

This is the EPA administrator who doesn’t know the level of carbon dioxide in the ambient air?

Why put up your science evidence if you can bully people?

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