Dirty Deeds: EPA Inspector General Whitewashes Rogue Testing of Glider Trucks

I’m not surprised. The EPA IG is corrupt. JunkScience.com readers will recall, for example, the EPA IG whitewash of EPA’s illegal human testing. BTW, who puts the conclusion in the title of an IG report?

At Volvo’s instigation, EPA staff and Volvo conspired to do a bogus test of a Volvo-competitor’s glider trucks for the purpose of sabotaging the Trump EPA rollback of the Obama EPA’s 2016 baseless, if not illegal, de facto ban on glider trucks.

None of that story is in the IG report.

Moreover the IG failed to contact the glider manufacturer (Fitzgerald Glider Kits) who truck was used in the bogus testing and who was the primary target of the Obama EPA rule. The IG did not contact JunkScience.com, even though we broke this story and forced the IG report. This is the same sort of corrupt conduct the IG exhibited in the human testing case.

The report totally ignores the fact that the EPA took action against the chief of the division where the rigged testing occurred. If everything was on the up-and-up, why was Chris Grundler removed from his position?

The shameful IG report on the glider testing is here.

You can follow the entire JunkScience.com coverage of the glider truck saga here.

Here is a flashback on the IG’s whitewash of EPA’s illegal human testing.

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