Obama holdovers complete whitewash of EPA’s illegal human experiments

The Obama holdovers at EPA continue to channel this infamous human experimenter.

After more than four years of dodging JunkScience.com, the results of the 2016 election finally compelled EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) to seek a meeting with me last December.

The Obama EPA had tried everything to make to make the human experiments scandal go away — from initially ignoring the scandal to whitewashing it via an OIG “investigation” to hiring the National Academy of Sciences to paper over the EPA’s criminality.

On August 1, 2017, the EPA OIG issued presumably a final report hoping to make the scandal go away.


Here (EPA web site | PDF) is the new report.

Here is the only reference in the report to my 90-minute January 2017 meeting with OIG staff:

The report entirely dodges the core issue: If outdoor air levels of PM2.5 can kill you within hours (as EPA claims), then it is illegal to test much-higher-than-outdoor levels of PM2.5 on humans.

The report recognizes the EPA-claimed lethality of PM2.5 in this chart:

But doesn’t apply the claimed ethality to the human experiments being conducted by agency staff:

The RECAP experiment is fundamentally unethical and illegal.

EPA’s Inspector General is Arthur Elkins — an Obama appointee and holdover. Elkins and other Obama holdovers apparently are committed to maintaining the PM2.5 scare/scam alive in hopes that the Trump administration will eventually go away in favor of Democrats who allow EPA to return to the Obama war-on-fossil fuel agenda.

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