WINNING: EPA official involved in rigged glider truck testing reassigned

You can’t fire federal employees very easily. But you can reassign them. Christopher Grundler, the EPA official in charge of the office involved in the rigged testing of glider trucks is being reassigned to other duty.

Chris Grundler will no longer be the director of the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality. His reassignment comes a year after exposed OTAG’s rigging of glider truck emissions tests.

You can read the Reuters story (Web | PDF) of Grundler’s reassignment.

EPA was pretty polite about the reassignment, stating that the move “brings fresh and different perspectives to these critical EPA offices, while providing new leadership opportunities for two outstanding senior executives.”

Grundler had no comment.

Here’s some reading about the testing scandal:

Climate bedwetter Dan Becker told Bloomberg, “Grundler has the government job most important to the environment that nobody knows about.”

Not any more, dude. Courtesy of his own mismanagement, as exposed by

We are still awaiting the Trump EPA’s repair of the Obama EPA’s crime committed against the U.S. glider truck industry. But we are confident it is in the works. Good try, Chris. See you in the climate wars.