6 thoughts on “US Bound by Climate Change Deal That Skirts Constitution, House Panel Told”

  1. You now have confirmation: Stalin won WWII and expanded the boarders of the old USSR to include the whole globe under an abbreviated name, UN, on 24 Oct 1945!

    I deeply regret that I was unable to successfully get this message out earlier. It is, in my opinion, information my research mentor, the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda, realized after helping Japan design the atomic bombs that USSR troops captured in Konan, Korea soon after we bombed Nagasaki on Aug 9, 1945.

  2. Please allow me to post the rest of the story:

    After WWII, Stalin took over the Popes’s failed attempt to hide the FORCE that gives and sustains life in the universe.

    1. Copernicus reported the FORCE comes from a giant fountain of energy at the gravitational center of the Solar System in 1543.

    2. The Catholic Church arrested, charged and convicted Galileo of heresy at the Inquisition in 1633 for telling others what Copernicus discovered. Galileo lived out the rest of his life under house arrest for teaching Earth orbits the Sun. For his role in initiating the scientific revolution, Galileo became known as the “Father of Modern Science.”


    3. Richard Carrington observed how Earth is connected to the FORCE in the Sun in Sept 1859 via the magnetic fields of sunspots and Earth’s magnetic field.


    4. Kazuo Kuroda, a nuclear geochemist at the University of Tokyo, recognized the FORCE as the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima in Aug 1945


    5. A news blackout of events at Konan, Korea in Aug-Sept 1945 left the public unaware the course of world history abruptly changed before nations united on 24 Oct 1945


    6. The nature of the FORCE is still indelibly recorded in exact masses of 3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter.


    7. Northern lights still provide daily visual evidence: Earth is magnetically connected to the FORCE in the Sun’s pulsar core via solar magnetic fields that emerge as sunspots.

  3. Well, if it’s implemented as an Executive Order then all it takes is another Executive Order to rescind it.

  4. “Well, if it’s implemented as an Executive Order then all it takes is another Executive Order to rescind it.” (Science ABC123)

    Until a lawless court (enter the Roberts court) rules that executive orders, like the ancient laws of the Medes and Persians, cannot be repealed. Of course, some executive orders are more equal than others. Those would be the ones from Democratic party office holders.

    The strategy of the Left: tolerance when in the minority, tyranny when in the majority. Heads I win, tails you lose.

  5. What is generally not known is that the authorization of the President to negotiate terms was enacted by stature decades ago.

    The problem before SCOTUS will be whether or not Congress must approve a proposed treaty after it has been negotiated or if Congress can give the President carte blanche to negotiate whatever he wants.

    In my opinion, the Founders did not intend for Congress to abdicate its power to advise and consent.

    The Congress may not abdicate its powers in respect of treaties. If that were so, Congress could turn the President into an Emperor by ceding its power to make law.

    Well as we know, Congress has been yielding power to an ever-increasing imperial presidency, probably from the time of the Civil War. This is a slippery slope down which America has been sliding for over a century.

  6. After he takes the presidential oath in January 2017, President Donald Trump will begin rescinding every dubious presidential executive order issued by Barack Obama.

    I’m very optimistic.

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