3 thoughts on “NYTimes: The Republican Refusal to Aid Flint”

  1. Why would any logical governing body reward failure like this?
    Not one dime until those responsible are are out of power, or fired from their jobs.

    And no money just handed over to organizations that failed.

  2. There are several reason why I do not trust the establishment media. First and foremost is what they do not report. Second is the spin on what they do. Third they can not get even the simplest facts straight, example: Last fall there was huge landslide in Wyoming that opened up huge crack in this ridge. Some hunters took pictures of it and it was reported on local and even National news. First location reported: 10 miles SE of Tensleep. Next report, the next day; 60 miles SE of Tensleep. Third report two days later; 60 miles SW of Tensleep at Lysite. Then CNN came to the rescue and cleared everything up with a map–Downtown Gillette! I have no idea where it is.
    A week or so ago, on the radio; “6.1 earthquake in SE Canada!” A few hours later; “7.1 earthquake in SE Alaska!” Later; “A 6.8 earthquake in south central Alaska!” So what is it? Where is it? I have reason to believe it was in S central Alaska.

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