2 thoughts on “Abortion and the Zika Virus”

  1. Aw come on folks. Them mosquitoes are cute little disneyfied critters, cain’t kill em! Kill them babies, kill their mothers, but gotta protect them skeeters. PETA would be “offended” if we didn’t. sarc

  2. Another way to blame the Republicans and for them to fall, once again, into the trap. Flint is and has been run by Democrats for years, but the media blames the Republican governor of Michigan. The EPA makes excuses, while at least one administrator was willing to be the scapegoat.
    No one asks why Flint is so bankrupt that it had to switch its water system from the also bankrupt Detroit, run by Democrats, to the Flint River.
    Throwing money at the problem is always the Democrat answer.

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