6 thoughts on “I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy standoff.”

  1. The Libs, Progressives, Bureaucrats, and Beltway crowd have absolutely no sense of what REAL cowboys do – as they lunch on hamburgers, dine on filet mignon, and have cheesy hors d’ourves.
    Cowboys feed the world.

  2. This message has a hard time being understood by all the libs who subscribe to WAPO. You should see the idiot comments.

    Tough gig. Tougher trying to make idiots understand the work and stress.

  3. I have a question not a comment. Would Americans rather have farming in America or China where the pollution is rampant? I do not eat food made in China because I don’t trust them to make sure the food is safe. We can’t move on from farming it’s were our food comes from. Anyone who thinks otherwise is very mistaken and foolish.

  4. God bless all of the farmers ( especially organic ) and ranchers who work hard as business people and entrepreneurs to work hard and show a profit to reinvest in their livelihoods.

  5. The nation has moved on. Just like typists in the 1980s, many jobs today are obsolete due to technology.

  6. As a dairy farmer, upstate NY, I rose everyday @ 4. We fed them “our MILK cows” 2 times 365 days a year. We groomed them & milked them & thanked them. We planted and harvest food for them (hay,corn and sweet green grasses). We bailed straw for them to sleep on. We watched calves be born. We raised a beef cow yearly. We SOLD our labor as dairy farmers for the middle man to sell to Americans. AS a child I thought our NAME ought to be on the milk cartons! We collected fresh eggs everyday. We raised pigs to eat. During the winter we pretended we were related to Frosty the Snow Man. We worked – is that a middle class job/jobs? We LOVED our freedom. We paid our bills and taxes. What has happen to our nation?

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