8 thoughts on “Climate change scepticism is ‘political suicide’, David Attenborough argues”

  1. Politics is all about finding ways to agree on a course of action even when there are differences of opinion.
    When differences of opinion are not tolerated, all that remains is compliance with the ruling dictators. Compliance by the public is not ‘sustainable’ in the long run.

  2. Poor Sir David! Well, as long as his seriously deteriorated common sense does not bother him, we should just ignore him. Worse is that the almighty BBC has elevated him to the level of Zeus, Oprah, Iron Man and a few other tough guys/gals and there is no rational way of getting him down from there. Unfortunately, he is foggy enough to believe the uncritical adoration bestowed upon him and worse still, millions of his do it, too. (Mind you, I am not mocking old people here; soon turning 80 myself.)

  3. Of course it is suicide. Almost every politic get’s a lot of money, votes and media atention when promoting climate alarmism!

  4. I am not denying the climate changes, I am denying the claim that humans can affect climate in any meaningful way.
    Remember climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.

  5. There’s no fool like an old fool.
    Hail Britannia, or more accurately with “thinking” such as this Hail Fredonia.

  6. Once in a while, a leftie let’s the truth slip out. Of course, it is not about ‘climate change’ since the climate changes seasonally. Yet another thing that is lost on the left.

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