5 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Field Tilts Rightward on Climate Change”

  1. Republicans cannot say that man made global warming is a problem.
    First, that’s Obama’s position.
    Second, if you believe you must agree a tax will save the planet or offer a better solution.
    Republicans are having difficulty coming up with a solution to a non problem.
    Republicans cannot endorse more taxes.
    It’s the media that reports the republican is an idiot for not believing or a murderer for not acting.

  2. First the proponents of government based went on a rampage to convince and brainwash people into believing that the world was on the way to annihilation because of fossil fuel usage. Basically the main goal of these lobbyists (like Albert Gore) was to obtain grants, subsidies, and free money to make a fortune off the backs of the taxpayer. There is no problem whatsoever in creating businesses in solar and wind energy production, etc at all. But to get free or nearly free money from the government (the people) and never having to pay it back is thievery. The sun and water vapor are the main driving forces of the worlds weather, not CO2. CO2 is a necessary part of the equation of life for all of the flora on earth. Businesses like Solyndra and Solar One that take the money and when they go bankrupt and pay no money back is a crime. Let the free market take care of the needs and the demands of the consumer with minimal government (bureaucratic) complication and interference which only creates additional unnecessary expense to everything it touches. The protection and security of the people is the main concern of the government with a competent judiciary to keep things running smoothly.

  3. I agree that scientists are just people like any others, and are influenced by money, power, and the need to be liked by their peers. Do not believe, however, that politicians change because of some epiphany other than the need to get elected. Once in office too often they just revert to previous positions and to the DC culture. Whether this is true for Rubio I do not know but as to human caused climate change only Cruz has been consistently questioning its validity.

  4. Let’s face it. Society tends to think of scientists as purist ivory tower types who, while possibly making mistakes, would never purposely perpetrate a fraud. Many now realize that’s not a universal truth. I think Rubio and many others initially gave the purported “scientific consensus” a pass without considering the possibility that it was wrong –possibly even a hoax. We should celebrate the success of the skeptics public education program in changing his mind — and hopefully the minds of many others.

  5. Even the supposed conservative Wall Street Journal article talks about the consensus among scientists — one more reason that I stopped subscribing.
    Only Cruz has cited the uncomfortable facts that satellite data supports the pause, as do balloons, while the surface data is being manipulated.
    Trump is against the hoax of the watermelons, although he doesn’t cite any data.
    I guess Rubio was for it before he was against it.

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