3 thoughts on “Canada to contribute $2.65 billion to climate payola fund”

  1. The reality is of course that these ‘so called’ emerging (third world) countries with their predominance of corrupt administrations will, with all this new ‘climate’ money, will achieve about as much as they have in the last 100 years – their only advancement in the past being made by peoples of other nations who for the most part have now been kicked out by these corrupt people – I guarantee that the corrupt rich will get richer out of the climate scam and the rest will continue to struggle for an acceptable existence – its been happening since the beginning of time and no matter how many ‘do gooder’ pretenders attend the ever increasing talk fests – little or nothing will change for the worlds poor – and our earth will just keep on turning for many millennia!

  2. Like most “liberals”, shiny pony – aka trudeau – is very “generous” with other people’s money.

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