4 thoughts on “Global climate march: Thousands set to show support for UN deal”

  1. “Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march around
    the world this weekend”

    Were is the start point (so I can book a plane ticket) ?
    Which route are they taking ? Are they going east to west or
    west to east ? Have you lain on ships for the wet bits?
    Are sandwiches provided?

    If they all end up in one place what about toilets ? Do I need to
    bring wet-wipes?

  2. I deeply regret to report ResearchGate locked my account.

    Fortunately I had saved the information elsewhere that world leaders wanted to hide from the public:

    The Paris Climate Conference is just the last scene of an intriguing international mystery that began during a news black-out of events at Konan, Korea – events that changed the course of world history and the foundations of nuclear and solar physics. See: “Stalin’s science:”


  3. Somewhere I read either that there is a plan, or the writer suspects that there is a plan, to pay demonstrators to march in support. Why else would anyone march in support of a scheme to shackle them?

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