Revealed: What EPA thinks a ‘detectable effect on temperature’ is


The background for this e-mail, obtained by Chris Horner via FOIA, is this May 20, 2009 NPR article with comments from then-EPA chief Lisa Jackson (aka in e-mails as “Richard Windsor”) about Obama’s more stringent auto fuel economy standards. Here’s the relevant portion:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.45.33 AM

Here’s an ensuing e-mail between Jackson and then EPA climate adviser Lisa Heinzerling.


Really? EPA could detect a 0.0013C decline in global temperature? Preposterous.

5 thoughts on “Revealed: What EPA thinks a ‘detectable effect on temperature’ is”

  1. I would think that the guy writing the email meant “calculable” not “detectable.” Of course anything that is Modeled can be calculated. That doesn’t mean it is true. I can and have calculated how much the oceans rise if I take a piss in the ocean (I remember it as some number times ten to the minus 17 inches). That doesn’t mean it has any significance.

  2. It is EPA trying to legitimize their bad (intentionally cooked) science. that is why they have tried to call it “secrete science” and keep their so-called “settled science” out of the hands of creditable scientists, and congress. How long will the people accept being called and thought of as Stupid…

  3. The desperate search. In Erskine Caldwell’s novel, “God’s Little Acre”, This old southern farmer dedicated one acre of his farm to God. Whatever that acre produced was supposed to be given to the church. As the years passed this farmer became obsessed with the notion that there was gold on his farm and he dug and searched frantically for it, never finding any, but he continued undeterred. When the dowsing indicated the gold might be on “God’s little acre” he would move the acre somewhere else.
    What a picture this paints of our global warming community as they desperately search for “gold”. and they are constantly moving the “little acre”. 300 Ft sea level rise becomes 3 feet “to create a global disaster!!!” “Global warming” morphs into “climate change”. 5 degrees C suddenly drops to 0.5 degrees C to destroy the planet etc.

  4. This is what happens when policymakers with calculators start to do math – they add accuracy beyond what any data would support. If you know the temperature of the earth to Plus or Minus 7 tenths of a degree (.7) you cannot make any statements about the temperature BEYOND the full decimal degree – because to do so conveys a FALSE (and often MISLEADING) level of confidence in the numbers.

    It’s worse than saying 2 + 2 = 4.0

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