EPA’s own diesel crimes worse than VW’s

My latest on Breitbart…

So as between VW trying to gain an unfair advantage over the competition, and EPA trying to kill people in order to validate its regulations, it would seem that EPA is the actual diesel exhaust villain.

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2 thoughts on “EPA’s own diesel crimes worse than VW’s”

  1. No, VW committed no crime at all. EPA is the only criminal here. It’s no sin not to abide by rules that are idiotic, evil, or both. Indeed, it’s all other car makers that are at fault here for not trying to fight and/or evade these fascist “rules”.

    VW should not be embarrassed, they should be proud.

  2. Follow the money. Who owns VW, do they have wealth? And How. Do they pay tribute to EPA, not near enough. Remember the Microsoft “problem” , solved after an “investment ” was made inside the beltway.
    Just how far out of spec are the emissions?
    EPA will not spare the cudgel. I’m sure VW is every bit as embarrased and bewildered as EPA is on their very own oops in Colorado mining incedent. Where’s the comity?

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