8 thoughts on “What’s Really Melting: Obama’s Alaskan Lie”

  1. Those who do not know the nature and do not respect the laws of nature, can not invent anything, for material used in it can fail if there are a sufficient number of those that can be easily fooled and deceived by cheap tricks and become the basis of such beliefs.

  2. “Borrowed” from “The Daily Bell” website

    How Shoddy Science Creates Big Government
    Philippe Gastonne – September 02, 2015
    Many non-scientists hold a romanticized view of scientific research. We think it is very black and white, with scientists rigorously searching for measurable evidence, and happily conceding when experiments prove a hypothesis wrong. In fact, scientists are as human as everyone else is. They grow attached to their pet theories and overlook or discount observations to the contrary. Moreover, the way in which we fund scientific research prevents researchers from following the data wherever it leads … Read More +

  3. Obama is acting as tho he is King of the World and it is his job to save the World; but, he is Prez of the USA and should devote his efforts toward fixing our problems.

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