Have a doughnut: FDA trans fat scare debunked by study

My latest on Breitbart.

Studying more than 3,200 people for an average of ten years, the researchers measured the trans fatty acid composition of their blood cell membranes and compared those levels with cardiac disease outcomes. Neither natural nor industrial trans fats were statistically associated with adverse cardiac outcomes

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2 thoughts on “Have a doughnut: FDA trans fat scare debunked by study”

  1. Hmm, 3200 people is hardly enough. Hong Kong, one of the smallest global cities in the world, has more than 7 million people. Is it that hard to find 3000 or so hardworking americans who like trans-fatty foods but aren’t fat? For this study to be credible, a wider subj. base and time should be used.

  2. @Steve–
    Actually, it’s even worse than you state. Trans fats were INTRODUCED into commercial cooking by the likes of Mikey Jacobson, as a “safer” alternative to evil sat fats. He still denies this, but the evidence is all over the Web.

    Double junk science.

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