Why does the economy suck? CO2 emissions down 11% since 2007

Imagine if the warmists had their way and CO2 emissions were cut even more!

The Earth Island Institute reports:

Carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels in the United States peaked at more than 1.6 billion tons of carbon in 2007. Since then they have fallen 11 percent, dropping to over 1.4 billion tons in 2013, according to estimates from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Emissions shrank rapidly during the recession, then bounced back slightly as the economy recovered. But shifting market conditions, pollution regulations, and changing behaviors are also behind the decline.


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One thought on “Why does the economy suck? CO2 emissions down 11% since 2007”

  1. Energy use is a marker of economic growth and the continued low energy use tracks with the feeblest pretense of a recovery since FDR’s management of the Depression.
    Meantime, the economies that are actually growing are increasing their CO2 output considerably. Which is fine, CO2 is safe. They are also increasing their soot and other real pollutants, which is less terrific. But India and China need to reach a higher standard of living before their people turn to ecological mitigation.
    I’d be perfectly happy to see economically successful energy without burning anything but it isn’t anywhere in sight. You can’t run the world on unicorn poop and pixie sweat; the “green” Third World initiatives only pretend, they know better.

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