Warmists pressure Boston PBS station to remove David Koch from board for skepticism

The Boston Herald reports:

Angry environmental activists say they have more than 70,000 signatures and plan to flood a WGBH trustees meeting next week calling for the ouster of conservative lightning-rod billionaire David Koch from the board — but the public TV and radio station for now is standing by the longtime PBS mega-donor.

“David Koch has essentially dedicated himself — and tens of millions of dollars — to deliberately mislead the public about climate change,” claimed Emily Southard of environmental group Forecast the Facts. “That’s completely incompatible with an organization like WGBH, which is dedicated to public education.”

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5 thoughts on “Warmists pressure Boston PBS station to remove David Koch from board for skepticism”

  1. What will it be next. Shunning and jailing of people who don’t agree with global warming. Maybe they will start burning books or libraries pleasant image. Wonder where we’ve seen tat before. Wake up America

  2. There was an evolution documentary on PBS recently. I was surprised that David Koch financed it and it was beyond excellent. I don’t know David Koch’s political beliefs beyond being told that he is a right wing fanatic. He helps PBS so he can’t be that bad. After all right wing fanatics want to barbecue Big Bird.

  3. Evil, is the imposition of silence, upon others….James P. Carse The faux-green scammers, are the epitome of evil. They feed on the fear of others, and loathe the people who are smart enough, and strong enough, to not get sucked in.

  4. This is what we call extortion. It used to be illegal but now is all the rage for the leftist groups.

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