Warmists Dressler/North: ‘The climate system is definitely warming’

Possibly, but not according to your discredited hypothesis.

Andrew Dressler and Gerald North write in the San Antonio News:

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms what we already know.

First, the climate system is definitely warming.

Second, humans are now a dominant driver of the climate and are very likely to be responsible for most of the recent warming we have experienced.

And future warming over the 21st century will likely be several degrees.

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One thought on “Warmists Dressler/North: ‘The climate system is definitely warming’”

  1. 1000 ft view of temperature shows no warming folks. Go download the BEST Quality Controlled Single Valued temperatures and plot them by station_id. Look through the charts. Papa Muller tells us 2 out of 3 stations shows a warming trend. I keep looking and I can’t find them. Plotting the “raw” (quotes because it has been filtered through BEST QC) data gets you nothing that looks like anything more than sinusoids. There are extreme temps that pop up from time to time, but the extreme temps pop up over the entire series.

    The link attached to my name is a tool to let you meander the various stations. Right now it is limited to the top 10,000 weather stations. (There are 40,000 stations in the data set, but only 14,000 or so have records exceeding 30 years).

    I use to say “I believe in global warming”. Looking at the temperatures for the last 113 years (what I have plotted at my site right now), you cannot get me to say “It is obvious that there has been warming”. I cannot in good faith say “The charts clearly show that the statement ‘things are the same now as they were 113 years ago’ is false”.

    You have to torture the data way beyond waterboarding to get any answer. Waterboarding is particularly relevant because water is something they can’t completely account for. Latent heats of evaporation and condensation are well known, but their importance in the heat balance of the earth seem to be suppressed by the elite.

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