Warmist Prof: Natural climate to end in year 2047

The Globe and Mail reports:

If you’ve been wondering when global warming will show up on your doorstep, Camilo Mora has an answer for you.

Dr. Mora, an associate professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, leads a team that has tackled the challenging question of when the climate will shift entirely beyond what could be considered natural.

Their result: The turning point arrives in 2047 as a worldwide average if fossil fuel consumption continues unabated; as late as 2069 if carbon emissions are curbed. Broken down by city the numbers are a bit more revealing. In Montreal, for example, the new normal will arrive a year sooner. For Toronto it’s 2049 and for Vancouver not until 2056. But the real spotlight of Dr. Mora’s study is what happens in the tropics, where profound changes could be entrenched within little more than a decade.

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4 thoughts on “Warmist Prof: Natural climate to end in year 2047”

  1. So if we curb emissions, we get 22 more years of “natural” climate? I don’t understand the point here. He’s saying we’re going to make the climate “unnatural”. Which would imply that we are aliens or something like that and not part of nature, or else what we do would be natural, right?

  2. I think the good doctor is smoking a little too much Maui Wowee. I guess he shouldn’t have inhaled.

  3. It is better to remain silent and have the world think you are a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    Heck, this clown even put a data on his coming out party…..

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