Warmist: Fall of Berlin Wall, Soviet Union breakup ‘sucked’ for climate change

Willy Blackmore writes at TakePart.com:

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent breakup of the Soviet Union may have been a victory in terms of America’s ideological war against communism. But in terms of climate change? It sucked.

Although the early 1990s were marked by economic chaos, Russia’s new “capitalist” oligarchs (many of whom had close connections to the government) were able to take lucrative state-held companies private on the cheap. Then came Russia’s oil boom, and suddenly you had a very small group of people making terrible amounts of money by producing more fossil fuels—and emiting plenty of carbon in the process.

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3 thoughts on “Warmist: Fall of Berlin Wall, Soviet Union breakup ‘sucked’ for climate change”

  1. Nonsense. The way Germany and several former Iron Curtain countries met their “carbon abatement” targets for years was by closing down inefficient, polluting old factories from the Soviet era.

  2. Yeah, there was no pollution behind the Iron Curtain. Ever hear of Chernobyl, genius? Oh yeah, the Left believes that only greedy capitalists ruin the environmen.

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