Warmism’s last histrionic gasp? Media overheats on end-of-climate-by-2047 study: ‘Climate plague’ coming

Inter Press Service reports:

A climate plague affecting every living thing will likely start in 2020 in southern Indonesia, scientists warned Wednesday in the journal Nature. A few years later the plague will have spread throughout the world’s tropical regions.

By mid-century no place on the planet will be unaffected, said the authors of the landmark study.3

“We don’t know what the impacts will be. If someone is about to fall off a three-storey building you can’t predict their exact injuries but you know there will be injuries,” said Camilo Mora, an ecologist at University of Hawai’i in Honolulu and lead author.

“The results shocked us. Regardless of the scenario, changes will be coming soon,” said Mora.

The “climate plague” is a shift to an entirely new climate where the lowest monthly temperatures will be hotter than those in the past 150 years. The shift is already underway due to massive emissions of heat-trapping carbon from burning oil, gas and coal.

Extreme weather will soon be beyond anything ever experienced, and old record high temperatures will be the new low temperatures, Mora told IPS. This will affect billions of people and there is no going back to way things were.

“Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past,” he said.

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7 thoughts on “Warmism’s last histrionic gasp? Media overheats on end-of-climate-by-2047 study: ‘Climate plague’ coming”

  1. Abstract climate models based on a limited time period as the “norm” for all climate. Don’t you just love peer-reviewed science where “data” are the results of model output and you assume that flora and fauna will die out if they experience minor changes in their environment? This is worth less time than it takes to prepare this response.

  2. The Nature study examined 150 years of historical temperature data, more than a million maps, and the combined projections of 39 climate models to create a global index of when and where a region shifts into novel climate. That is to say a local climate that is continuously outside the most extreme records the region has experienced in the past 150 years.

    So what we have in Mora et al. is yet another study of abstract climate models, all of which had been created to do nothing but display the predetermined conclusions of catastrophic man-made global warming.

    And there was any expectation of these models not puking up hysterical alarmist bullshit?

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