Study: Weight loss more important than salt reduction for hypertension

GMNews reports:

Your genetic makeup can help determine how well your body will respond to weight loss efforts aimed at controlling high blood pressure, a new study confirms.

The multi-institutional study, led by researchers at The Cardiovascular Institute, part of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, may help clarify how hypertension develops and progresses in certain individuals and also identify people for whom weight loss programs are most likely to help reduce blood pressure. Results were published in the current issue of Hypertension 2013;61:857-863…

“With genomic studies becoming more widespread and less expensive, evaluating weight sensitivity may be one way to identify individuals who may benefit more from weight loss, as compared with other types of lifestyle interventions, like cutting salt from their diet,” Dr.William Kostis said.

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3 thoughts on “Study: Weight loss more important than salt reduction for hypertension”

  1. I have heard that removing starch and sugar from your diet – going to maybe half of what the government recommends and replacing that with vegis, and protien help as well. Also should switch back to animal fats or natural plant oils. Of course maybe the sugar and starch are helping the gram negative bacteria grow in the gut.

  2. It would seem that gaining control over the Gram-negative bacteria in your gut may be important to controlling weight, blood pressure, blood sugar , and a whole lot of other problems related to chronic inflammation. Nothing about salt, though: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/23235292

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