Nobel Peace Prize committee member admits purpose of Al Gore award was to ‘help strengthen the scientific case’ of warmism

Geir Lundestad told the Toronto Star:

“Action is disappointingly slow. But these issues will have to be addressed. It takes time. … And if we could help strengthen the scientific case, if only marginally, that’s fine.”

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9 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize committee member admits purpose of Al Gore award was to ‘help strengthen the scientific case’ of warmism”

  1. Alfred Nobel arranged for the Peace Prize to be decided by a Norwegian committee. At the time, Norway and Sweden were in a union as a result of a war in 1814. Nobel felt that Sweden was so completely dominant that, as a compassionate Swede, he thought this might even the scales somewhat. This decision has brought us such notables as Gore, Obama, Arafat and Menchu as Nobel laureates.

  2. Our disdain for the Nobel Peace Prize is well-founded. This year’s winner represents a return to the Prize’s roots: a group that actually is working for peace and safety. I dunno if the group also has unrealistic ideas but at least their stated goal is one I can support.
    So next year will probably see Putin get his turn.

  3. The real shame is that the Nobel committee, while preening for their leftist friends have completely destroyed the prestige that once accompanied the award.

  4. A really nasty Norwegian joke: The Volvos sold to Norway have their wipers on the inside of the windshield. Why? Because the drivers go “Pttrrrrr..” when they drive. Probably one of those was around deciding on Al Gore getting his half of the Nobel Peace prize.

  5. The words incestuous and circle jerk seem to describe the situation.

    The Nobel committee gives Gore/IPCC the Piece Prize to give them “scientific” gravitas. Gore and Mann go around saying that they won the Piece Prize because they’re so damn “sciency” and smart. It was a set-up from the beginning.

  6. The purpose of the Obama award appears to have been to remove any shred of credibility the Nobel Peace Prize had left after Arafat and Gore got them.

  7. So really., what does the Peace Prize mean when you give it to people whose ides you like but have not really accomplished anything other than bloviate.

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