New Zealand Skeptic: ‘Psychotic’ IPCC is ‘more and more certain’ with ‘less and less evidence’

Rodney Hide writes in the New Zealand Herald:

Indeed, the evidence supporting the idea that humans are causing dangerous warming has got less with each assessment.

By the time of the Third Assessment the warming trend had stopped. There had been no discernible warming for nine years by the time of the Fourth Assessment. And now there’s been none for 15 years.

The Fifth Assessment in draft admitted that the models had failed. “Models do not generally reproduce the observed reduction in surface warming trend over the last 10-15 years.”

But that admission was edited out. Instead, the Assessment excused the failure: “Due to natural variability, trends based on short records are very sensitive to the beginning and end dates and do not in general reflect long-term climate trends”.

So there you have it. More and more certain. Less and less evidence.

The IPCC’s disconnect from reality has left me 85 per cent certain in my diagnosis: the IPCC’s psychotic.

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2 thoughts on “New Zealand Skeptic: ‘Psychotic’ IPCC is ‘more and more certain’ with ‘less and less evidence’”

  1. It’s all about desperation. They are horrified that they have not been able to scare the general public enough to have their way with them. Not everybody is that weak minded.

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