New Aussie gov’t afraid to openly embrace skepticism — babbles nonsensical warmism

Australia could go back to the Stone Age tomorrow and it would make no difference to global climate. Yet the need to be politically correct keeps the new government of Tony Abbott babbling nonsensical warmism.

During an ABC interview, environment minister Greg Hunt said:

Well I do think it is important that we act, and one of the great tragedies of the previous government’s system is that in fact our emissions between 2010 and 2020 go up during the period of the carbon tax from 560 to 637 million tonnes. That’s why I’m determined that we take real action to actually reduce emissions. So, do we accept the science? Yes. Do we accept the targets? Yes. Do we think that there is a far better way of both taking pressure off households and reducing emissions? Absolutely.

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2 thoughts on “New Aussie gov’t afraid to openly embrace skepticism — babbles nonsensical warmism”

  1. IPCC problem will be solved in Warsaw in November.
    Theromostats in the session rooms will be turned down to global average temperature. Votes will be taken if they’d rather have it 6⁰C warmer. Consensus is inevitable. Minuted as “IPCC would rather have global average temperature 6⁰C warmer than at present.”

    I can dream, can’t I?

  2. He’s probably been threatened by the UN in some dire way. As this scam collapses there’s no reason to pay homage to the CO2 boogeyman anymore and the fact that he is is disconcerting indeed.

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