New alarm: ‘Health of oceans ‘declining fast’ — No data, evidence of harm — just alarm

The BBC reports:

A review from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO), warns that the oceans are facing multiple threats.

They are being heated by climate change, turned slowly less alkaline by absorbing CO2, and suffering from overfishing and pollution.

The report warns that dead zones formed by fertiliser run-off are a problem.

It says conditions are ripe for the sort of mass extinction event that has afflicted the oceans in the past.

It says: “We have been taking the ocean for granted. It has been shielding us from the worst effects of accelerating climate change by absorbing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

“Whilst terrestrial temperature increases may be experiencing a pause, the ocean continues to warm regardless. For the most part, however, the public and policymakers are failing to recognise – or choosing to ignore – the severity of the situation.”

It says the cocktail of threats facing the ocean is more powerful than the individual problems themselves.

Coral reefs, for instance, are suffering from the higher temperatures and the effects of acidification whilst also being weakened by bad fishing practices, pollution, siltation and toxic algal blooms.

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5 thoughts on “New alarm: ‘Health of oceans ‘declining fast’ — No data, evidence of harm — just alarm”

  1. Oh my Gawwwwdddd!!! We’re all going to die…I suggest we try sacrificing a few greentards to the Gaia Gods! It seemed to appease the Russians…LOL

  2. Gamecock,

    I was considering making a point, but your response kind of sums it up without further comment from me.

    I will add however, that I know people that take statements like this as gospel – no evidence needed. Sadly, some are are very close and dear to me.

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