Must read: Aussie journo takes down carbon tax as ‘the great climate fiction’

Greg Sheridan writes in the Australian:

IT is natural that when Tony Abbott told Asia-Pacific leaders he was going to repeal Australia’s carbon tax he found no opposition, and a good deal of support instead. He mentioned it in plenary sessions and bilateral meetings with all the leaders.

In taking this action, Abbott is bringing us into line with Asia-Pacific practice. There is not one significant national carbon tax or emissions trading scheme operating anywhere in the Asia-Pacific.

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8 thoughts on “Must read: Aussie journo takes down carbon tax as ‘the great climate fiction’”

  1. Soviets had spies in our Manhattan project program and independently developed an A bomb and used our stolen designs to verify “the correctness” of the independent research, Soviets blew their first Atomic bomb in 1949 vs 1945 for us. We were also first with the H-Bomb – with the first detonation in 1952 and the first practical bomb in 1954 – Soviets didn’t start their H-Bomb program until 1949 and made their first blast in 1953. I don’t see how they used Japanese H-bomb technology to their advantage when the USA beat them on both counts, and considering the Japanese didn’t have a H-Bomb program (they had 2 U235 programs and a heavy water program) I find the claims of Soviets getting H-Bomb technology from the Japanese quite dubious.

  2. The Japanese did not even have a functional fission bomb, much less fusion. Furthermore, H-bombs don’t use tritium. If they did discover a deuterium plant, it would have been for the production of heavy water for use in an atomic bomb design similar to Heisenburg’s research at the same time in Germany (which was far closer to the design of a power plant than a bomb. I can’t find a good reference right now, but I suggest E=MC^2, biography of an equation for more details and general reading).

  3. When the socialists were having thugs beat down Lord Monckton, at the climate meeting where they negotiated the carbon tax, the papers reported the bad news for free.
    Now that it’s time for a little hope that the carbon tax will go away, hope costs a dollar.

  4. “Since H-fusion bombs use atomic bomb triggers to ignite fusion of deuterium (H-2)”

    Not true. Hydrogen bombs don’t use deuterium.

  5. I can read it, It comes up asking for money, but if you scroll down you will see the article and after about a minute the grey goes away.

  6. Just type ‘the great climate fiction the australian’ into google and it will come up for free. You have to wait for a subscription ad to load, and then close it first.

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