5 thoughts on “Michael Mann, Katharine Hayhoe label new Freedom of Information Act request ‘harrassment’ — So stop slurping from the taxpayer trough”

  1. You are absolutely right Stephana. That’s why they pay him. To produce something. He has no right to decide which part of the work we get to see.

  2. Like Miliband’s hissyfit about the UK Daily Mail’s article about his father, and demanding press regulation, if Mann et al can’t stand the heat of FOI requests, he shouldn’t do publicly funded research, or else publish everything as he’s supposed to, as it’s NOT secret.

    Which begs the question, if Mann et al are so concerned with the state of the climate and the potential threat it will have on humanity, why does he/they then refuse to share their research that he/they believe can help relieve humanity of those potential threats? That’s INHUMAN!

  3. Hey if you work doing research in a publicly funded university and receive public funding the public owns the work. Cough it up dough boy.

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