IPCC ‘death blow’ to deniers fails — ‘Unsurprisingly, skeptics remain undead, dismissing report as politically motivated groupthink’

Cathy Young writes in the Sunday Dispatch:

The new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stating that there is a 95 percent probability that human impact is the main cause of rising temperatures, has been hailed by supporters as the death blow to global-warming denial.

Unsurprisingly, skeptics remain undead, dismissing the report as politically motivated groupthink. Is this about settled science versus ideology and greed-driven obfuscation, as the editors of Popular Science magazine suggested last week when they shut down Web comments to avoid what they regard as crude attacks on scientific knowledge? Or are climate-change “true believers” trying to suppress disagreement?

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7 thoughts on “IPCC ‘death blow’ to deniers fails — ‘Unsurprisingly, skeptics remain undead, dismissing report as politically motivated groupthink’”

  1. Another poor soul in the state of greenhouse affect. What brought you here, kiddo?

    Go on, tell us how greenhouses work. We haven’t had a good laugh since last week.

  2. Man have u guys ever read one of the ipcc reports or do you have even a basic understanding of science. I mean it’s not that crazy of an idea. It’s a huge oversimplification but the concept of the greenhouse affect was a good one. I mean greenhouses work don’t they. It’s a chemical fact how CO2 absorbs light. Its not a huge jump to think that doubling CO2 concentrations would have some kind of affect on the climate. I mean not thinking that requires a lot of run around arguments. I’ve read many denialist papers (lol if u can call them that) and books, they just don’t hold up to the peer reviewed science. You should look deep within yourself and accept that it is fear and arrogance that motivates you to not accept this as a real human caused problem and join the rest of us in trying to solve it.

  3. That was a death blow, all right. We’re all dead now. The next one will be a super-death super-blow. It kill flowers on our graves.

  4. The report is group think, there is no indication of caution and every indication that they are trying to force it down our throats. If there was a 90 % confidence before, what does it gain to up that to 95%?

    Like the drunk in the pub who is proven wrong shouting louder that he is right.

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