Host Poland to lead opposition to drastic CO2 cuts at November IPCC conference reports:

Delegates and ministers from up to 190 countries are in Warsaw for the three-day ‘Pre-COP’ meeting, which began Wednesday, to discuss how business can effectively engage in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve cooperation between industry and negotiators.

“We are facing three days of intensive talks,” says Marcin Korolec, Poland’s Minister of the Environment, as the country prepares to host the UN Conference on Climate Change, which begins in the Polish capital on 11 November.

“We will be collecting opinions and ideas from individual delegations on their expectations on a future climate agreement. We need to consider, among other matters, the expected duration of a new agreement [on cutting carbon emissions] and how to ensure that the agreement can be ratified by all 194 national members of the Climate Convention,” the minister added.

Reuters is reporting, however, that the EU is split on future commitments to cutting emissions, with Poland leading the argument against too deep a cut, which would harm its economy, which is heavily reliant on coal as an energy source.

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6 thoughts on “Host Poland to lead opposition to drastic CO2 cuts at November IPCC conference”

  1. It (unfortunately) takes those who have lived under totalitarian communism and who have been liberated from it to recognize a new threat of it.

  2. They have a “Minister of the Environment” so they aren’t that much smarter than any other country. I had hi hopes for Australia, but it looks like the new administration there is beginning to get a bit weasly already. I’m looking forward to the day a major world power finally grows the required anatomy to just say no to environmentalism. Untill then, I suppose I should take solace in baby steps like these.

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